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Constellations Wall

DIY Constellations Wall

I wish that I’d had this awesome tutorial for making a hand-printed wall covered in constellations when I was planning my son’s space-themed nursery! Laura at A Beautiful Mess designed this wall for the bathroo in her studio, but I think it would be awesome in a nursery or even a grown-up bedroom! She created custom stamps using recycled cardboard and craft foam, and the results are just beautiful.

DIY Cleaning Supplies

10 DIY Cleaning Recipes to Save You Money

Spring is here! Hurrah! That means warmer weather, blooming flowers, and a mysterious, uncontrollable urge to clean house. What is it about spring that gets cleaning on our brains? Whatever the cause, you can save a bundle of cash by skipping toxic, store-bought cleaners and making your own instead.


Tutorial: Easy Burlap Art With Recyclables – Decorate with no money!

When holidays come around I get very excited to add new decorations to what I already have. This seasonal burlap   Read More »

Musical Massage T-shirt - fun gift to make for dad

Gift for Dad: DIY Musical Back Massage Shirt!

Here’s a fun idea to DIY for Dad’s day: a musical massage shirt! Kiddos can play the piano and the   Read More »

Yarn Art Bunny Craft -

Tutorial: Yarn Art Easter Bunny

Create an adorable yarn art Easter bunny from your extra yarn! It’s easy to create holiday decor for no money.   Read More »

Easter Burlap Banner

Tutorial: Easter burlap banner

Every holiday I put a banner up on my front porch.  I love, love to decorated if you haven’t noticed   Read More »

Scarf to Shrug Tutorial

Make a Child’s Shrug from an Old Scarf

Is there a scarf in your closet that’s seen its last winter in your wardrobe? Turn it into a cute child’s shrug that’s perfect for spring! Lisa at Cucicucicoo has a super simple tutorial for turning a short scarf into a child’s shrug. If the scarf you’re using is a little bit too long, don’t worry! You can always trim it to the right length before you start sewing and save the leftover pieces for a future project.

10 Awesome Easter Crafts

10 Awesome Easter Crafts

Easter is this Sunday! Are your kids getting excited? Whether you need something crafty to keep them occupied this week or something fun to do on Easter Sunday, we’ve got some fun Easter crafts for you!

DIY Felt Shoe Clips

Felt Shoe Clips from Clip-On Earrings

Shoe clips are such a fun way to add a little flair to your shoes or your kid’s shoes without permanently altering them. You can make shoe clips for your younger kids or let older kids make these for themselves. Shoe clip hardware can be tough to find, though. Over at Skunkboy, Katie found a brilliant solution: use clip on earring backings instead! You can buy new clip ons or harvest the backs from thrifted clip on earrings.

Fun idea - have a pillowcase decorating party with kids

Personalized Pillowcase Party

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to going to my grandma’s house because we always did something   Read More »