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Make a Milk Jug Easter Basket

milk just easter basket

Last year, I spent a lot of time coming up with Easter crafts, but I forgot to pick up Easter baskets! No problem! I created Easter baskets out of recycled milk containers and let my kiddos decorate them with dollar store Easter stickers. It was frugal, used what we had on hand, recycled an object that would otherwise go in the trash (they don’t do plastic recycling in my neighborhood!), and the kids had fun decorating them. Win win win, I say!

milk jug easter basket

Sure, they weren’t the most beautiful Easter baskets in the world, but the kids were still just as excited to get them on Easter morning (and fill them with the day’s hunted eggs!). Recycled plastic milk jug baskets are super simple to make. Here’s how:

Materials Needed:

  • Plastic milk container, washed and dryed
  • Craft knife or sharp scissors
  • Assorted stickers (or other decorations)
  • Stapler and staples

To make a recycled milk jug Easter basket:

1. Cut through spout of milk container, all the way below the bottom of the handle. Cut around the milk container until you have what looks like a bowl (from the bottom of the milk container).

2. Take plastic that you cut off, and cut a long strip about 1″ wide. This will be the handle.

3. Staple the handle on either end to the sides of the milk container “bowl.”

4. Decorate with stickers and ribbon.

Alternately: Cut milk spout, and around top of jug. Use intact milk jug handle as-is for Easter basket handle and decorate as desired.

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5 Responses to Make a Milk Jug Easter Basket

  1. Cool! Love this! REcycled projects are the best!

  2. Sandra says:

    These baskets are great, many uses here I think. Congrats on creativity.

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