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Make a Shamrock Stripe Painting

shamrock stripe painting

These little shamrocks are a cinch to paint when you use a cotton swab to make perfect little paint circles. Practice making stripes and the principles of repetition and variation with this easy art project. I used shades of yellow and green paint to keep an analogous color palette.

paint palette

You need:

  • Disposable paper plate
  • Cotton swabs
  • Various shades of acrylic paint, yellows and greens
  • Sheets of paper or construction paper

Tip: Cotton swabs work well for paint brushes when you have a palette with several paint colors. Paper plates make for quick and easy cleanup.

First, paint stripes of various colors across your paper. Make sure everyone knows what a stripe is.

Second, between the stripes, paint shamrocks. To paint the shamrocks, dip a cotton swab in green paint, and dab three circles in a bunch. Repeat the shamrocks across the white space of the paper.

Every once in awhile, make a four-leafed shamrock. Once the paintings are dry, your child will have fun finding the four-leafed clover in the picture.

If desired, draw or paint stems on the shamrocks.

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One Response to Make a Shamrock Stripe Painting

  1. I love the green and yellow painting. It really brings out the beauty in the life of a blooming flower.

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