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Recycled Cardboard Box Play Kitchen

cardboard box kitchen

It seems like play kitchens cost almost as much as real kitchens do! Okay, maybe not quite, but play kitchens aren’t cheap. I have seen a lot of great handmade kitchens, but I am especially impressed by this DIY play kitchen made by Glenyce at Mid-Craft Crisis because it’s made out of recycled cardboard! She used a lot of ingenious household items to make the kitchen, but I think the patterned vinyl Contact paper is what really gives this kitchen life. [how to make a play kitchen out of boxes]

Project Materials:

  • 4-6 cardboard boxes of the same size
  • Foam core board
  • Contact paper (I see: polka-dotted, wood grain, silver, and clear)
  • Cake pan
  • Plastic hangers (for oven and cabinet handles)
  • Assorted papers and other accessories for knobs, handles, etc

Supplies: I would use recycled diaper boxes for this if I were making it, because we always seem to have tons of them on hand. The foam core board, cake pan, and some contact paper can be purchased at the dollar store. Use things you have around the house for the rest!

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