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Make a Seatbelt Cover

Although she’s been supremely excited to be in a “big girl” carseat, my little lady has had a hard time adjusting to the feeling of the seatbelt going across her body. She’s particularly bothered by the feeling of the seatbelt on her neck. So I whipped up this little seatbelt cover and VOILA! no more complaints!

This was super simple, and only took about 20 minutes.

Project estimate:

  • fabric- on hand
  • ribbon- on hand
  • sewing machine/thread- on hand

Total: free (or maybe about $1.50 if you have to buy the fabric and ribbon)

I didn’t do any measuring , I just eyeballed it (full disclosure: I despise the term “eyeballed it”) I cut two rectangles from a super soft flannel print (the pink fabric) and a fuzzy fleece. If you wanted to have measurements, double the width of your seatbelt and add half an inch for seams. Then just decide how long you’d like the cover to be. Cut two strips of ribbon the same width as the fabric.

 Layer the fabrics, right sides together, with the strips of ribbon in between. Then sew around three sides, starting at one long side so that, as you sew, you catch the ribbon on both sides.

Then turn the whole thing so the right sides are out, and top stitch all the way around. Then snip the ribbons, and tie to your seatbelt!

 Gettin’ Tipsy: I’ve made tiny versions of this a few times before using velcro for closure instead of ribbon. While the velcro provided a really sturdy seal, it was also scratchy and bothersome for my daughter. This version using super soft fabrics and ribbon is completely and entirely soft and comfortable!

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2 Responses to Make a Seatbelt Cover

  1. Sally Mount says:

    For the “sewing-impaired”, try this:
    Get a very small amount of fuzzy fabric (my daughter chose zebra). Cut to fit around the seat belt with a small overlap. Glue on velcro (the regular sticky kind doesn’t hold up). Ta da! Instant, soft seat belt cover. Perfect for removing when the kool-aid gets on it. Perfect for mom too at 5’0″!

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