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Make Panda Pancakes

panda pancake

Next time you make a special Saturday morning breakfast, how about making these Panda Pancakes? They are almost as simple to make as regular round pancakes, so what are you waiting for? Tint some of your standard pancake batter with cocoa powder, get out a few chocolate chips (or raisins), and you’re almost there.

You need:

  • Your regular pancake recipe or powdered pancake mix
  • Cocoa powder
  • Powdered creamer (optional)
  • Chocolate chips or raisins
  • Stuff to cook it with (skillet, stove, etc.)
  • A second bowl to mix the brown pancake batter in

panda pancakes

To Make:

1. Mix pancakes according to your recipe or package directions.

2. Separate 1/3 of batter out into a smaller bowl and add 1/3 cup cocoa powder (or as much as needed to achieve desired brown color). You might need to add a tiny bit of milk or water to thin batter a bit.

3. If desired, add some powdered creamer to light-colored batter to whiten it a bit more (powdered creamer contains white pigment in its ingredients). This step is totally optional.

4. Heat skillet to slightly lower than you’re used to for making pancakes (we don’t want them to get as brown as normal – unlike my sample pancakes, ha ha!)

5. Pour a circle of white batter onto the skillet. Working quickly, add two spoonfuls of brown batter for ears, two for eyes, and one for nose. Add some kind of mouth if desired (as you can see in my photos, I experimented with different mouths, and a complete lack of mouth).

6. When you start to see bubbles coming up through batter and popping, gently flip pancake and cook until it’s done.

7. Serve panda pancakes with chocolate chip or raisin eyes, if desired.

panda pancake


  • I find with pancakes, it usually takes a few pancakes to get the temperature right (maybe you don’t have this problem), so you might want to make a little extra batter. Leftover pancakes are never a bad thing!
  • If the pandas look funny or not-quite-panda, don’t worry! You are your own harshest critic. Kids will go along with it if you call them panda pancakes.

My family has a panda-fan, so we have also made panda rice balls and panda cupcakes.

panda rice ball panda cupcake

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6 Responses to Make Panda Pancakes

  1. breanna says:

    such a fun idea heather! I especially love the panda rice ball!!

  2. OMG I am sending this to my step mom!!! She loves all things panda!!!

  3. G.G. Ein says:

    So guess what the menu is for 1st Saturday in May !!!!!!

  4. Melinda says:

    You ought to try adding the chocolate batter to the pan first. I’ve been reading several pancake art blogs (yes, they’re out there), and they always do the details first. Just a thought. 🙂 But this is a cute idea. I may just have to try it.


  5. Jennifer says:

    Such a cute idea Heather! I love them. I shared the link and stumbled it too. 🙂

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