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Make Seed Starts

It’s still raining 90% of the time where I live, but that won’t stop me from getting excited about my 2011 garden! My daughter LOVES to garden, so I involve her in every step of the process. And, if I’m being honest, I’m still such a gardening newbie that she pretty much knows everything I know!

Even if your garden is currently under water like mine, now is the perfect time to give your seeds some TLC so they’re ready to be planted when the sun shows up!

Speaking of seeds…remember that amazing freebie I told you about on Facebook a few weeks ago for $75 worth of organic seeds for just $4.99 shipping? I received mine yesterday! I’m so excited to plant some new veggies and gorgeous flowers! Have a look:

Making seed starts with your kids is EASY! The best way to do it is to save up or gather up egg cartons, this way you can plant each start in it’s little egg cup. If you’re not able to collect lotsof egg cartons, you can make starts in plenty of other containers (yogurt cups, ramekins, plastic easter egg halves etc), you’ll just have a bit of a trickier time trasplanting the start into your garden.

Buy cheap potting soil, and spoon a bit into each egg cup. If you’re planting multiple types of seeds, create a list that assignes each type a number, so that you’ll know what each start contains. Then number the spaces on the egg carton, tuck your seeds into the soil, and add water!

Gettin’ Tipsy: My daughter loves to water the starts as they need it, but having a 3 year old try to get water into such small spaces can push my inner clean-freak to her limits…I’ve found that using an empty syrup bottle solves this problem! You could also use a dollar storespray bottle to do the watering.

This project is also a fantastic way to talk to kids about nature, how seeds become plants, how plants clean the air and provide homes and food for insects and instill in them a love for eating from their own garden! Kids LOVE to watch their little plants grow!

And it never hurts to have some help with weeding…

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