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A Mother’s Worth

Happy Mother’s Day to each of you! I’m so glad this holiday exists each year to focus on celebrating how valuable mothers are! There are plenty of days that I have a hard time seeing all that I do for my family each day as being of great worth to them, and to the world around me! Endless dishes and laundry and dirty bottoms sure don’t make my days FEEL of great value!

Spend a minute at this website today seeing the monetary value of all the work you do as a mother! Though it may not be comforting in the face of real life bills that must be paid, it’s encouraging to me to see that my contributions to my family are of far greater value than I give myself credit for!

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One Response to A Mother’s Worth

  1. jb says:

    The glory of being a mom is seeing the impact you have on the life that you are blessed with to raise, nuture and encourage through all the joys and hardships we all exprrience. I’m blessed because of all this one has taught me!!! Wishing you an amazing day! Thank you for being YOU!!!

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