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Make a Homemade Topsy Turvy

I’ve only been gardening for the last couple of years, but I’ve already fallen in love with eating food I’ve grown in my own backyard!

I’ve also learned that, like any other fun hobby, gardening can get expensive! My brilliant friend Mollie from Simply Said and her super smart husband came up with what I consider to be an ingenious way to make your own Topsy Turvy style hanging tomato planter FOR FREE!!! Take a look:

Project Supplies:

  • empty coffee can or large aluminum can- on hand
  • drill- on hand (or any other thing you want to use to make a hole in the can)
  • Ziplock bag- on hand
  • tomato plant- around $2

Total cost: FREE plus the cost of the plant itself

We learned an important lesson as we were doing this project, DO THE HANDLES FIRST. So in the picture below you’ll see the completed planter, but please believe me and DRILL THE HOLES FOR THE HANDLES FIRST!

Drill holes on the sides of the can, then attach your handle of choice. We used twine. You could use just about anything that’s going to be sturdy. You could even fashion paint can style handles from a hanger if you’d like.

Once your handles are in place, do whatever it takes to get a quarter-sized hole in the bottom of the can. I say that because, ideally, you’ll have a drill AND a drill bit available to you. We had the drill, but no bit. Good thing Mollie’s super smart. She started by making several small holes using a hammer and nail, then used scissors to make one big hole.

Next, flatten the metal around the hole on the inside of the can to dull the sharp edges. Mollie did this by placeing the handle of a screwdriver inside the can and hammering it a bit. The end result should look like this:

Now insert the ziplock bag into the can, and pull it a bit through the whole. Once you’ve got about an inch of the bag poking out of the bottom, trim the bag. Spread the bag apart around the hole.

Now gently loosen excess soil from the tomato plant (set the soil aside for later) and ever-so-carefully insert the tip of the plan through the bag hole in the can. This’ll require some pinching and coaxing it through, but it will work! Once all the leaves are through the hole, turn the can right side up.

Fill can with soil, no need to pack it in though. Then trim the excess bag from the top of the can.

Add water to the soil, and hang up your fantastic tomato planter!

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