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Make Edible Crayons

The end of the school year isn’t so far away, and if you’re going to be responsible for an end-of-the-year party snack, I strongly suggest you check out these edible crayons by Trisha at Stampin’ and Craftin’. They are crazy cute, and actually quite simple to throw together! (UPDATE: as of 1/5/12 the post from Stampin’ and Craftin’ has been removed. Another tutorial for the same project can be found here by Gourmet Mom On The Go)

These would be great for a gender-neutral baby shower or a 1st birthday party treat as well. You could make a ton of them to put around the sides of a basic cake (ala kit-kat cake style) for super impressive party oomph!


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5 Responses to Make Edible Crayons

  1. Dawn S says:

    I can’t get the crayon link to work!!!! Would love to learn how to make these!

  2. Metqa says:

    The blog has been removed. Do you have any instructions or details how to make these? I guess I could just google it…

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