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32 Things to Make with Cardboard Boxes

Oh that I could be so brilliant with just a bare cardboard box in front of me…you’re gonna be astonished when you see this list of 32 things to make from cardboard boxes over at Tip Junkie! It is incredible to see what people have come up with! We’ve got no shortage of cardboard boxes coming in and out of our house, and though I’m a huge fan of recycling them, I’m so inspired now to get creative and get crafting (free crafting, I might add!).

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One Response to 32 Things to Make with Cardboard Boxes

  1. Sally says:

    Refrigerator box maze.
    Dumpster diving at its best. Find out from appliance store when they are getting a new shipment of large appliances. Collect as many refrigerator boxes, washing machine boxes (you get the picture). Kids, with lots of duck tape and open the flaps (great for corners)and start taping! They would knock on the box to let me know where to cut windows, etc. Then there’s the decorating! Will keep them busy for days! Watch the weather report though. All that soggy cardboard is nasty to drag out for the trash guys.

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