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Make Fruit Leather


You know that feeling you get when you see a particularly terrifying horror flick, and you can’t shake the scared feeling for awhile after? I’ve seen some particularly terrifying documentaries lately about food, health, nutrition and all the awful things hidden in many of the “treats” we give our children. And now I’m walking around in a haze of “ewwww!”

Thankfully I’ve been collecting recipes for healthy, nutritious versions of the foods we love. One such recipe is for all natural fruit leather from Georgia Pellegrini. It is so simple to do, and now is the perfect time because berries are in season and ever so delicious! I love that I can give these to my daughter and know full well that they are good for her! I will probably make this recipe using stevia or raw local honey in place of the sugar. Considering how sweet our local berries are, I probably won’t need much additional sweetener anyhow!





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