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Simple Tokens of Love

My family did a lot of things wrong, let me tell you, but there is one thing they did REALLY right…little tokens of love. I remember opening my lunch to find notes from my mom, or a heart shaped sandwich. My mom was always so creative about showing me love. She would plan simple surprises for me for no real reason. I’d regularly find little presents under my pillow or in the pocket of my coat.

Now that I’m the grown-up, I find that I love doing these little things for the special people in my life. It is really so fun to think of new ways to say/show “I love you!” These small affectionate acts have especially blessed my husband quite a bit throughout our marriage, and have helped smooth over some rough spots when “I’m sorry” was easier to write than to say. As my daughter is growing up, I’m having so much fun finding little ways to show her I love her each day. Here are some of my favorite little surprises…feel free to use them!

For your fella

  • Use a dry erase marker to write a note or scripture on the mirror he uses to get ready. Dry erase markers are great for tons of stuff! Notes on his rear view mirror, his drinking glass, computer/ipod screen*…and it wipes off in a jiffy!
  • Sneak a note into his car
  • Program his cell phone with a sweet note to pop up as the start-up screen
  • Bake sugar cookies, and use frosting to write a note on the top or spell something out using one letter per cookie
  • Put a note in a plastic baggie and put it up in the shower
  • If you have children, attach a note to the back of their shirt, or hand it to them and ask them to deliver it to him
  • If your schedule allows and it’s appropriate in his office, show up unannounced with warm cookies and milk for the whole office. His coworkers will love you and he’ll get to beam with pride!
  • Sneak small surprises into his coat pockets
for the kids
  • Write notes on mirrors and bedroom windows using dry erase markers. Be specific about what you love/appreciate about them.
  • Sneak notes and little goodies into their lunch box, pants pockets, under their pillows and in backpacks.
  • Let them choose exactly what the family eats for dinner once in awhile, no rules!
  • Plan one-on-one dates occasionally doing activities specific to their interests and talents.
  • Compliment your child when talking with other people. Your child will feel special and loved hearing you say such positive things about them to others.
  • Throw a simple “just because I love you” party- blow up some balloons, make a simple banner, wear party hats from the dollar store.
  • Be intentional about showing your child physical affection each day. Hugs, high fives, back scratches and hair stroking can be so powerful in helping your child feel loved and valued.
  • Send your child a letter or postcard in the mail.
  • Show your child how much you love your spouse. Seeing a strong relationship between mom and dad is one of the most important ways they feel safe and loved.
  • Play with your kids, be silly, let loose!
What do you do to show your family you love them?
(p.s: Remember this post about photographing fireworks? That photo up there is my first attempt…it kinda worked!)
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2 Responses to Simple Tokens of Love

  1. Heather says:

    I do things like this all the time! My kids are only toddlers, so they don’t understand yet what I’m doing, but I hope one day they will remember that Mommy did things like that for them. DH doesn’t get it completely, but he appreciates it. My parents didn’t do things like that for me, so I try SO hard to show my family how much I love them. Even if it is just a tiny gesture.

  2. Wonderful ideas! I love the “I love you” party!

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