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Sleepover Craft: Personalized Flashlights

flashlight craft

Kids of all sizes love flashlights, so why not give them their own special personalized flashlight? This is a great sleepover activity: not only do they get to decorate their flashlights (that should be a good 20 minutes of fun), but they get to use the flashlights for the rest of the night. And because they’re personalized, it will be easy to tell whose is whose the next morning. Simple! You can find flashlights and decorating goodies at the dollar store (and don’t forget the batteries!) Find instructions for the project at Kids Parties 1-2-3 [personalized flashlight craft]

Project Materials:

  • Flashlight, $1
  • Stickers, $1 and up
  • Pony beads, $1 and up
  • Batteries, $1

Total: $4

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3 Responses to Sleepover Craft: Personalized Flashlights

  1. Kit Bennett says:

    Thank You Heather, You Rock!

  2. Michelle L. says:

    What a GREAT idea!!!

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