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Travel Tips: Organize Medications

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind trip to Blogher in San Diego, California! I’m still wrapping my mind around everything I saw and did this weekend (and unpacking all the swag…that post is coming soon!) but I thought I’d share a quick tip with you.

I take quite a few supplements presently, and wanted to be sure to stay on top of that regimen while I was away. I didn’t want to take all the bottles, and I didn’t want to risk making any mistakes in what I took. I decided to spend just a few minutes portioning everything out so that I wouldn’t have to do any thinking about it during my hectic trip! I loved this solution so much I’ve decided to do it at the start of each week. Here’s what I did:

These little plastic ziplock bags can be found at any craft store, usually in the jewelry making section. You’ll get a box of about 200 for just a few bucks. I use these things all the time! I used a permanent marker to label each baggie for breakfast, lunch and dinner of each day of my trip. Then I put the meds for each meal in the baggies, and grouped them together into bigger ziplock bags for each day:

So each morning as I was getting ready to head out for the day, I grabbed one sandwich sized bag and dropped it into my purse. It made everything so simple for me! Had I not done the work ahead of time, I’d probably have ended up missing almost all my meds for the weekend!

If you’re traveling with more than one family members who requires vitamins/supplements/meds, make little sets for each using different colored or patterned ziplock bags (available at the dollar store!) or by personalizing the bags in some way.

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2 Responses to Travel Tips: Organize Medications

  1. rowena___. says:

    airline security often has a problem with drugs that are not in containers with the prescription label on them so be careful if traveling by air. as well, if you get stopped in a car and for any reason your car is searched, this might cause a problem with police, so perhaps include a copy of the prescriptions with the bags, just in case.

  2. Barbara Medeiros says:

    My husband & I are on multiple meds, so I have a 4 times a day planner, as we only take meds in the morning & at bedtime I make this a 2 week planner. The TSA does accept meds that are not in their original prescription bottles without the scripts. What they advise is to pack them in your carry on & in a separate ziploc bag, I had a 2 gallon ziploc with all of our medical supplies & medicines, I informed the tsa rep about them & was prepared to take them out but they did not question a thing. I also have to do infusion therapy so I had needles as well. On our return, I forgot to mention that I had the meds & they asked about them but let everything through. If I had narcotics or a controlled substance then those would have to be in their original bottles as that is how you are supposed to keep them as well. Hope this helps as well! 🙂

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