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Make a Spooky Popcorn Hand

spooky popcorn hand

Want a spooky yet healthy Halloween snack to share? You can “hand” these out, or put them in your child’s lunchbox for a creepy snack surprise! Since there are only five candy corns in the hand, this snack is super-healthy, especially if you use air-popped popcorn.

Project Materials:

  • Popcorn, on hand
  • Candy Corn, on hand or $1
  • Kitchen Gloves, $1
  • Plastic Halloween Rings, $1

About the Supplies:

Be sure to use food-safe gloves especially for kitchen prep (you want to make sure they’re approved to touch food!) You can buy a package of disposable kitchen prep gloves at your local restaurant supply store or Cash & Carry. I found them online: a 100 pack for less than a dollar.

You should be able to find Halloween rings at your local party or dollar store. Or, online at Oriental Trading Company.

To Make:

Put a candy corn in each fingertip. Fill fingers up with popcorn, and slip a ring on the ring finger. Fill remaining hand up with popcorn and tie with twisty tie, rubber band, or ribbon. If you have trouble fitting the ring over the popcorn, cut the back of the ring open, and it will slip right on.

Kids can help assemble these treats to give out on Halloween night, or to bring to school (if your school allows homemade treats).

Note: this article was written by me, but originally appeared at Little Nummies, which is an awesome food blog that I sometimes contribute to!

This post may contain affiliate links or other sponsored material. Opinions are 100% the author's.

3 Responses to Make a Spooky Popcorn Hand

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  3. Meghan says:

    I loved making these in school! Had completely forgotten about them…. Guess what Christian and mikelle will be doing this week?

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