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Make Upcycled Toy Magnets

Remember that mother who sold all her children’s toys on ebay because they refused to clean up? I think of her often, particularly at night when I step on a little toy in the dark and have to swallow yelps of pain and frustration. Maybe I’ll never be so bold as to sell all our toys, but I’m perfectly happy to get the little ones off of the floor for good by turning them into fun fridge magnets!

Visit Homespun With Love and see the quick and easy tutorial for yourself! Those of you who display your children’s artwork on fun dollar store magnet boards you’ve made may find this is the perfect way to post them up!


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One Response to Make Upcycled Toy Magnets

  1. Kristin says:

    Thank you so much for sharing our simple, fun toy magnet craft! 🙂

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