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Pinterest Picks

As I write this, there’s a familiar pitter patter of rain outsideā€¦to comfort myself as I mourn the end of summer, I’ll be smothering my sorrows in this delicious Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal from Good Life Eats.

Here’s a useful tip from the brilliant folks at Real Simple: Cornmeal absorbs grease on light colored fabric or upholstery. Pour enough on to cover the soiled area and let sit for 15 to 30 minutes. Vacuum to remove the grains.

Kathryn from I Can Find The Time created this simple but ever-so-smart pin cushion that wraps around your sewing machine!

Time saving brilliance: freeze soup (or all kinds of things) into single serving sizes using a muffin tin! via The Mommy in Charge

I certainly wish I could make this room for my sweet little lady, mostly so I could hang out in there all the time. If you like this photo, take a look through the others to see all the quaint aspects of this incredible room over at Fresh Home

A craft made in paint chip and ombre heaven! Easily DIY this lovely chandelier via Hey Gorg

I try to find ways to make regular days feel a bit special when I can. This is a perfect idea for a normal day celebration: glow sticks (from the dollar store, of course!) in the bathtub! If your kids are anything like my kid, this’ll be a big hit! via Ffffound



Modern Parents Messy Kids created this list of things she wants to teach her children every day. What would your list include?

This absolutely delights me. via Yellow Bug Boutique on Etsy


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