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Give your kids a lunchtime surprise (trick!) with these peanut butter and banana dogs from A Few Shortcuts.

Cling to these final days of summer with delicious root beer float pops. Recipe via Pass the Sushi.

I think twinkle lights make everything magical, for kids and grownups alike! Check out these lovely ideas using them in the bedroom over at Apartment Therapy.

Be the hero of breakfast! Invite Charlie Brown to breakfast with this fun design by Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.

Shoes like this motivate me to have a shower, put on non-pajamas and act like a girl! via We Heart It

This photo is worth a million words. Am I allowed to completely stage this with my fella and wee one? via Castles Crowns Cottages


Perfect for parties, albeit a bit time consuming! Cupcake box tutorial via Myrtle and Grace

It’s not too late to make a lovely back-to-school gift for your child’s teacher and earn some extra credit! Stop by the dollar store to get a glass jar and some candy, then head to Eighteen 25 for the free printables to attach!

How ridiculously adorable is this hairstyle?!?! It’s simpler to pull off than it looks…tutorial via Girly Do Hairstyles

Hooray for boy projects! Make dinosaur/dragon tails with this tutorial from Projects By Jess

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