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Pinterest Picks

Those gorgeous food photos you see around the web…you can do it too! Here’s a helpful article by renowned food stylist Paula Walters on Gourmande in the Kitchen

Speaking of food, I found the definitive list of shelf life information over at Still Tasty. (when in doubt, throw it out!)

Bad hair day (again)? Add this quick and simple hairstyle to your repertoire somewhere between “ponytail” and “wig.” via Elisa Joy (the tutorial is at the end of the post, right after the DIY for the adorable headband!)

This week’s “why didn’t I think of that?!” comes to us in the form of adorable buttons turned magnets via Big Box Detox (i just love that blog name!)

Add this to your shopping list! It’s so affordable and such a problem solver! Cyber Guys


This beauty requires no explanation. I will, however, add this: pretty please…take it to heart. Too many things in this life want to rob us of the simple joys in each of our days. Guard your joy the way you guard your child…everyone wins! via Elembee

These bottles are so dainty and sweet! Can you just picture them with pink and white striped paper straws? via The Crafting Chicks

Confession: prior to seeing this on Pinterest, I had absolutely NO CLUE that there was a filter in my washing machine. NO CLUE. We’ve only been using this washing machine for 6 years…so… that’s not terrible, right? How-to on Ask Anna


I don’t know how many cans and bottles I’ll have to recycle to save up enough money to buy this, but I’m determined to make it happen. (I tried my very best to find a direct link for this, and just couldn’t. The photo is featured on Beach Bungalow 8

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2 Responses to Pinterest Picks

  1. Shannon says:

    Just did a bit of searching & I think I found the name of the car you love… that I now love… thanks a lot! 🙂

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