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Budget Gift Idea for Couples

Most families these days do some sort of name-drawing gift swap for the holidays. As families get bigger and budgets get tighter, it makes a lot of sense to only buy for one or two people each. I also really love that it keeps the focus more on the family then on the presents.

For the last 7 years, our family has drawn names between married couples, meaning each couple buys a gift for another couple rather than individuals. This has made the exchange even more challenging because I’d really like the gift to be relevant to both people. Our budget each year is between $25-$30. Many years everyone gives up and defaults to various gift cards…but I refuse! I love to give gifts, and I love the process of putting a lot of thought and effort into each gift I give.

This year we drew my husband’s sister and her husband. They have 3 young kids and rarely get a night out alone. I wanted to try and create a date night for them that would cover all the bases…for $30…tricky! So I put my frugal knowledge to work, and came up with a great gift! Here’s how:

  • I purchased a gift certificate on using the coupon code “DEAL” at checkout to save an additional 80% from their already discounted prices. This means I was able to purchase a $25 gift certificate for just $2! (This code is still valid at the time of this writing)
  • I Included $10 cash with the gift, because gift certificates from specify “$25 on a minimum purchase of $35” and I didn’t want them to have ANY expenses on their date night if I could help it!
  • I purchased 2 movie tickets at Costco for $16.00 (about $6 savings from purchasing them at the theatre itself)
Total Cost: $28 for a really lovely dinner and a movie!

I made sure to look at online reviews for the restaurants offering certificates in their area. Since my sister-in-law lives across the country from me, I had no way of knowing which restaurants on the list were good and which would be a bust, so I spent some time reading through lots of reviews and recommendations on places like City Search and Google.

I wanted to also give them an ongoing date night option, so I included my Date Night Can in the gift, adding just $1 to the total. Still under budget!

****The current discount code for “DEAL” that offers an additional 80% off is for a limited time only, and is really such a good value!! I’d strongly encourage you to check out what’s available in your area, and consider using this offer in your gift giving strategies this year!****

(Just to be clear, I am in no way affiliated with They have no clue I exist or that I’m singing their praises! I do not receive any compensation for this post or any purchasing you do on their site, although it does make me happy to know I’m helping you save money!)

This post may contain affiliate links or other sponsored material. Opinions are 100% the author's.

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