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Make a Designer Inspired Dollar Store Boot Tray

It’s not exactly fair for me to call this a tutorial…considering all I did to “make” this “project” was open bags of rocks and pour them into a tray. This is more of a public service announcement to say “HEY EVERYONE! They have awesome boot trays and cool looking rocks at the Dollar Tree right now! Go buy them real quick-like before they stop having them!!”

There’s not much to say, friends…I was at the dollar store picking up supplies for some fun upcoming projects I’ll be sharing with you, and saw a stack of these boot trays. I’ve seen the designer boot trays all over the place and love them! We get a lot of rain here in Portland (in case you hadn’t heard) so I’m constantly dealing with muddy boots and having to mop up my entry way…ugh. Plenty of stores sell boot trays that are both practical and cute…but for $30 or more I’ve never been willing to buy them.

I grabbed the tray, and remembered the super rad looking rocks they usually keep over in the floral section. I bought 4 bags, which ended up being exactly the right amount. I love how it looks! They also had bags of rocks which were all one color (kind of a dark charcoal) if you prefer a monotone look.


  • plastic boot tray- $1
  • 4 bags of decorative rocks: $4
Total cost: $5
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3 Responses to Make a Designer Inspired Dollar Store Boot Tray

  1. The rocks are really pretty! The dollar store is definitely where I buy these decorative rocks in all colors, all year. Thanks for sharing another way to use them!

  2. Hollie says:

    Love this idea! It ‘rocks’……sorry bad joke : )

  3. Too funny as all I have to do is go to the beach to collect rocks when I need them, but I get it!

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