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Recycle Used Gift Wrap as Packing Filler

gift wrap as packing material

What’s one thing you have a lot of after a holiday? Torn and crumpled gift wrap! Most wrap these days is too thin to use again to wrap gifts, but there is a great use for crumpled gift wrap – as packing filler! I have a few returns-by-mail to make this week, and I put our old gift wrap from the holidays to good use as a cushion for the contents of the box. So instead of tossing your old gift wrap, save it in a bag and reuse it for future mailings.

Project Estimate:

  • Old gift wrap, save after holidays, free

Total: FREE

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3 Responses to Recycle Used Gift Wrap as Packing Filler

  1. Michelle L. says:

    Eureka! This is a brilliant little tip – love eet!!!

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  3. This is such a great idea because here you cannot recycle wrapping paper(other paper yes) and no one ever unwraps their presents carefully enough to save it. I will mentally file this away for next year!

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