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Pinterest Picks

My obsession with all things pumpkin is easily extended to basically every winter squash. Who wants to come over for steak and this delicious roasted acorn squash with browned butter and sage? via In The Little Red House

Can’t find the right rug for your space? Check out this DIY to make one with vinyl flooring remnants and fabric! via Happy Go Lucky Harvey

My little lady has been OBSESSED with these llama books, but we can’t find them in our nearby libraries and I’d prefer to not buy them all! I’m SOOOOO EXCITED to have found We Give Books, an online service that has oodles of kids books you can read FOR FREE!!! You can create your own “library” on the site to save all of your child’s favorites for quick and easy access lat

It’ll cost you more than a couple-a bucks, but if you’re as enamored with this portable dining retreat as I am, maybe you’ll start searching your friends’ couches for change until you save up enough to make it yourself! Tutorial via Sunset

MmmmmmmmmmMumford and Sons…can’t get enough! via Don’t Eat the Crab Dip

Make your own sun dried tomatoes, no sun required! (a real plus for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest!) via The V Spot Blog

I’ve never seen anything like this! It’s very lovely, very unique, and very easy thanks to a video tutorial from Sidewalk Ready

We’re reaching that tricky time where our motivation and determination for all those resolutions starts to fade. Whether it’s keeping a cleaner house, daily Bible time, learning to do a pull up or cutting the crap from your diet, let me encourage you to JUST KEEP GOING! Put slip ups behind you, decide that you WILL stick with it, and push forward! image via Living a Changed Life

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One Response to Pinterest Picks

  1. maria says:

    I just found your blog today and I love it. These are some awesome ideas.

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