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100th Day of School – Dress Like You’re 100 Years Old

dress like 100 year old mr. fredricksen

Today my son is celebrating the 100th day of school with his class. His teacher asked the kids to come to school dressed as if they were 100 years old. This is the outfit we put together – inspired heavily by Mr. Fredricksen in the Pixar movie “UP.”

I went a little overboard. Usually I just cobble stuff together from home, but I had the Mr. Fredricksen inspiration and I didn’t have any way to fake the four-pronged cane with the tennis balls, so I went to Goodwill to look for the cane. Is your Goodwill expensive like mine? The cane cost $7! But I was just sold on the idea of the cane, so I got it anyway. I also found the glasses at Goodwill – they were reading glasses that I popped the frames out of. Again, not a bargain at $4.

I got the hat at Wal-mart for $6 in the boys’ section (I love that dressing like you are 100 years old just makes you look like a hipster!), and the tennis balls 3 for $1.88. And we found the fourth ball out in the yard!

I made the necktie out of a dollar store elastic headband and a piece of black stash fabric and my hot glue gun. It is a little TOO big and floppy, but kind of cute.

The best part about it is that my son is SO excited about this. He has been asking to wear the outfit every day since we put it together, and has been “playing Mr. Fredricksen.” He also puts on the perfect character when he is in the costume (as you can see from the frown on his face!)

100th Day of School

I don’t know when schools started celebrating the 100th day of school (although, any reason to party is fine by me!). I found some fun ideas over at RainbowsWithinReach for celebrating 100th Day.

100 days of school

I love this idea – having kids bring a baggie full of 100 somethings and then hanging them up on a bulletin board! Check out the post for several other really cute ideas.

What have your kids done for the 100th day of school? I would love to hear!

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5 Responses to 100th Day of School – Dress Like You’re 100 Years Old

  1. Carole Schneider says:

    My grandson is in kindergarten and they had to wear 100 of something so my daughter went to the dollar store and got a t shirt and the googley eyes and glued them all over the t shirt. It was very cute and cost her $3!

  2. My kids have never done this, but I would love it if they would!

  3. Erin Boyd says:

    Than is so cute. You’re such a fun Mom!

  4. I’m your newest follower. I am so grateful for you including the bulletin board idea that I saw during my recent Author-in-the-Schools visit. I’m grateful for the extra readership that your attention is bringing the article. Thanks for the link!!!

    I’m your newest follower!

    Debbie Clement

  5. Marcia Clark says:

    This is adorable! His expression is right on also!!!!

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