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Valentine Decor from After-Christmas Clearance Items

 Remember when I mentioned finding lots of great stuff on clearance at Target that I thought I’d be able to use for Valentines Day? Have you been on the edge of your seat wondering what on earth I could be talking about? Here’s what I found:








I found these adorable felt heart ornaments in lots of different colors, and thought that the hot pink and teal would be perfect for Valentines Day decor! Especially since I also saw that those really fun sequin sprigs came in the same colors! The ornaments came in packs of 3, originally $1 each, but I only paid $0.30 each! The sequin sprigs were originally priced $3 each. I paid $0.90 each. I love how bright and shiny and bold they are! This was the easiest Valentine decor I’ve ever done…just stringing the ornaments on bakers twine and putting the sequin sprigs in a tall vase filled with corks! I think these sprigs will also be great for party decor in the future!

(Also, notice how I made my valentine candles in teal to match?!)

To supplement my Christmas-turned-Valentine decor, I picked up a few things at the dollar store…

  • heart boxes: $1 for a pack of 8
  • “xoxo” table scatter- $2.50 for a box of 150 pieces, also used in my Valentine door decor project
  • glittery hearts on sticks- $1 for a pack of 10

One of my favorite friends happens to be incredibly gifted at simple, chic and FUN holiday decor. One of the things I’ve learned from her is to have several vases/apothecary style jars in different sizes and shapes on hand. By having these lovely jars, she can create adorable mantle and table displays using simple supplies-usually from the dollar store- to suit any holiday or occasion! I’ve been on the lookout for good vases and jars to build my own supply, and have found awesome options at very affordable prices.

For my Valentine decor I picked out 3 of my favorites (side note: I made the two smaller ones you see pictured here by gluing dollar store containers to dollar store candlesticks!) , and filled them with the dollar store goodies. I shortened the sticks of the glittery hearts to better fit the vase. The huge vase could’ve held 7 or 8 packages of the heart boxes, which was more than I wanted to spend, so here’s what I did:

 I cut a piece of cardboard and rolled it up a bit to serve as a space filler! This way I didn’t need nearly as many heart boxes to fill the vase. Then I put the heart boxes around the cardboard, and you can’t even see it! (well, maybe a little white peeking through if you really look for it!) You could use an empty toilet paper roll  or maybe some balled up newspaper for this as well.

I’m loving my Valentine decor this year! I’m also loving how very little work and money it required from me!




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One Response to Valentine Decor from After-Christmas Clearance Items

  1. Sarah says:

    🙂 great! I bought the same hearts in white for 90% off so 10 cents for 3. I also bought the trees in every color I have about 30 of them saved for next christmas. As for the hearts I let my kids paint them with pink and red paint and give them to grandparents.

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