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Pinterest Picks

Wanna know how to tell if the weather is decent in my neighborhood? My fingers will be covered with various colors of spray paint. Or at least they will until I purchase one of these awesome thingies! (and for only $6!) via Renewed Spaces

Ever notice how wonderful it smells when you walk into a Williams Sonoma? A former employee reveals the (easy) recipe to make your home smell just as grand! via Morgan Moore

Not just any cupcake liners…they’re stoneware! I can’t wait to own these (someday)! via BHLDN

I’ll be on the lookout for all the necessary supplies to replicate this gorgeous fridge gallery display! via A Diamond in the Stuff

Best use of a rubber band I”ve seen in ages! Hack your kids’ hand soap to control how much they use! via Simply Modern Mom

Ever heard of Emi-Jays? Neither had I, but apparently they’re all the rage! They’re quaint little hair elastics that leave no line in your hair after a day of pony tail wear! I looked them up, and they’re silly expensive (in my opinion), but never fear! Liberty Elle shares an easy as pie tutorial to make your own for crazy cheap!

ADORABLE and easy cherry blossom canvas using a soda bottle! via Alpha Mom

Today is Dr. Seuss’ birthday! Celebrate with this free printable bookmark, and honor the wonderful Doc by reading with your child today! via Thirty Handmade Days

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