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Pinterest Picks

I’ve been taking a proper sewing class for the last few weeks and, while I’ll not be whipping up wedding dresses anytime soon, I feel more able to try simple projects like this circle skirt from Dana Made It

Here’s a great idea for keeping kids happy while you wait for your meal to arrive in restaurants. via How Does She?

I just *love* this mom’s idea for picking out specific scriptures for each child and praying those scriptures over the kids for an entire year! via Lil Light O Mine

…and these little piggies went weee weee weee! all across the pool! via Tumblr

Old hangers + your kid’s pipe cleaners = no slip hangers! via In My Own Style

How to dye wooden skewers to match your party! via Rock UR Party

I just love making food beautiful and fun! via Rungmasti

I have a fun announcement! One month from today I’ll be boarding a plane headed to Paris!! I’m so super excited, and can’t wait to share some things with you from the trip! I’ll also be spending a few days in Venice Italy!Have you been to Paris or Venice? Any tips or advice you can share with me? photo via Pics and Quotes

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7 Responses to Pinterest Picks

  1. Hi Breanna – Thanks for the feature. XO Are you going to make a stylish circle skirt to wear on your trip to Paris. You will be Tres chic!

    My best- Diane

    • Breanna says:

      ooh I should…I’ll have to take some time out from my obsessive reading and researching to do it…but it’d be so worth it!

  2. andrea says:

    I loved Venice! You are probably lucking out and missing the hotness of summer. 🙂 I’m sure you’ve worked out where to stay but if not there are some very affordable accommodations on the mainland (Mestre) and it is only a 10 minute ride to San Marco. I can’t wait to see your posts about your trip when you get back. 🙂

    • Breanna says:

      we’ve got our places booked, but aside from that we’re leaving most of our time wide open and unplanned…I definitely want to have the kind of trip where we can just discover things and choose activities along the way. Though I’d LOVE to hear your favorite parts of Venice so I can be sure to see them!

  3. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Pinterest Picks every Friday. Your Paris pic is ooo la la. Bon Voyage!

  4. courtney says:

    hey there! thanks for featuring Lil Light O’ Mine on this post! happy to learn of your cute site. take care.

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