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Make a Chrysanthemum Mirror from Plastic Spoons

 This gorgeous mirror has taken Pinterest by storm! And rightfully so…it takes a special kind of crafty genius to transform plastic spoons into such lovely decor! Kristi from Addicted 2 Decorating is the crafty genius behind this particular project, and she’s been kind enough to create a step-by-step tutorial so you can make one too!

Which brings me to this burning question: how often do you make the projects you find online? There are so many incredible tutorials available, so much inspiration! What was the last thing you made from a tutorial online?

I’m asking at this particular moment, because as I type this, my very own chrysanthemum spoon mirror is about 75% complete! I’ve been admiring this project and thinking about doing it since Kristi posted it last month, and today I finally got to work! The tutorial is really simple to follow along, but it’s definitely a bit time consuming! I also wish I would’ve paid more attention to how she spaced her petals, as mine looks quite a bit more crowded and chaotic than hers does!

I’m waiting for the primer to dry before I set to work painting the petals by hand…I’ll be sure to share a photo of my finished mirror on our Facebook page (probably tomorrow).


  • plastic spoons (about 6 packages of 48 spoons each)- $6
  • wreath forms (I couldn’t find anything similar to what Kristi used, so I cut my own out of core board)- $1 and up
  • mirror (I used a mirror tile from the dollar store)- $1 and up
  • hot glue/glue gun- on hand
  • primer- on hand or about $3
  • acrylic paint- on hand
Total: $8 and up

{Make a chrysanthemum mirror from plastic spoons}

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2 Responses to Make a Chrysanthemum Mirror from Plastic Spoons

  1. Rebecca Lewis says:

    I love this! Darling! Who’da thunk?!

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