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Make Your Own Googly Eyes

Some people just really have a knack for making something out of nothing.  PC from MeiJo’s Joy is one of them, constantly turning trash into treasures to the delight of her two young daughters.  While cleaning out her medicine cabinet recently, she found some outdated medications that needed to be thrown away.  She removed the pills from the packaging and discarded them, but she kept the plastic bubbles that they came in, which she made into a whole assortment of custom googly eyes!  Since the pills were different sizes and shapes, so are the resulting eyes, and she used all kinds of fun things to make the pupils:  punched paper, gems, sequins, and even dried beans!   [how to make your own googly eyes]

Project materials:

  • Empty pill blister packs
  • Glue
  • Paper, sequins, etc.


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