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Extreme Dollar Store Car Organization

This is impressive. This takes dollar store auto organizing to a new and incredible level. I’ve got two of these dollar store hanging organizers in my car that my kid uses for her crayons/toys/snacks, but I never considered using them in the *back* of the car! Head over to The Castro Family Happynings for a great explanation of how she did it, and everything she’s included in her car to be prepared for nearly anything. Wow!

I’m thinking if you combine this awesome idea with a few other ideas we’ve talked about for car organization using dollar store stuff, you’re going to have the tidiest car on the block (at least for a few days). I’m thinking specifically of dollar store cereal container as car trash can, dollar store shower caddy for toy organization and dollar store tupperware kleenex cover.

How do you keep your car organized?

{How to organize your car with dollar store stuff}

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5 Responses to Extreme Dollar Store Car Organization

  1. Melissa G says:

    Hi…am wondering where you buy these hanging storage organizers? I looked at the dollar store, but couldn’t find any. Please help as I hvae all the stuff to go in them!!

    • heather says:

      @Melissa, I sometimes see them in the laundry section at Dollar Tree. Otherwise, check Walmart to get them for just a few bucks.

      • Melissa G says:

        Thanks Heather…where at Walmart did you see them? I can’t seem to find them! I have all the stuff to go in them, but can’t find the dern organizers!!

  2. Melissa G says:

    …and tried to head over to The Castro Family Happynings as suggested to see exactly what she did, and it says you have to be invited.

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