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Make a Key Fob from a Rubber Wristband

¬†It all started with the infamous yellow rubber wristband, and now these colorful accessories are all over the place! I love that they can be an affordable way to support a cause or receive at an event, but they’re just not my fashion aesthetic, you know?

I saw this project idea on Pinterest and flipped my lid over how smart it is! Check out this super simple tutorial from LDS Greats to see how you can turn your rainbow of rubber wristbands into functional key fobs! Attach them to your house keys, homemade zippered pouches, or as bright zipper pulls on winter jackets!


  • rubber wristband
  • key ring
  • hole punch
  • decorative brad

{Make a key fob from rubber wristbands}

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One Response to Make a Key Fob from a Rubber Wristband

  1. Rebecca Lewis says:

    Genius! I’m with you in liking the message that most of the wristbands have but I don’t want to wear them. This is better than putting them on my gear shift in the car!

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