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Easy DIY Magnetic Puzzle

 I spent most of my growing up years living with my grandparents, and I remember so vividly the folding table that was permanently set up in the living room with whatever billion piece puzzle my grandmother was working on at the time. I’ve always found puzzles to be incredibly stressful and overwhelming, but I know tons of people love them for stress relief!

My little lady seems to have the puzzle-loving gene, and I want to support her interests and curiosities! I saw this project from No Time for Flashcards and I know the beauty of this magnetic puzzle is that it makes it easier for little hands to get the pieces to stay in place, but what I really love about it is that the puzzle can stay in one place when not in use (rather than finding pieces of various puzzles all over the house)! The other amazing thing about this project is that it allows you to make a puzzle from just about anything! A magazine page, a photo, an old book cover…anything flat!


  • Book cover or other paper for puzzle image- on hand
  • Adhesive magnetic sheets- $10.50 for 12 here or in any craft/office supply store
  • scissors- on hand
  • cookie sheet- on hand (if you’d rather have a dedicated puzzle cookie sheet, pick one up at the dollar store)

{Make a magnetic puzzle}

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2 Responses to Easy DIY Magnetic Puzzle

  1. Leah says:

    Ooh, I’m online to find craft ideas for when school starts up again. This might be a great project for my small sized class–I can have them each make one, then we can do a “round-robin” style game where they each leave their puzzle, messed up, on their desk, and we rotate around the room figuring our each other’s puzzles. Sort of like when we do Minute To Winit activities. Thanks, Breanna!

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