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Host an At Home Spa Party

Once a month I get together with a group of fantastic women from my church. It’s a diverse group of women in many different phases/seasons of life. We’ve got young single women, great grandmothers and everything in between. These women are such an important part of my life, and I’m always so grateful for our time together!

This month I wanted to do something special for the ladies. Summer is drawing to a close, many women have had a busy/hectic/challenging few months and are feeling a bit worn down. So I put together a spa night for my friends. My budget was pretty small, but I was able to create a really lovely evening and we all enjoyed a little pampering together!


  • nail polishes– on hand or $1 each
  • polish remover– on hand or $1 each
  • cotton pads- on hand or $1
  • candles– on hand
  • silver trays– $1
  • manicure kits– $1 each
  • pedicure kits– $1 each
  • plastic tubs for foot soaking- on hand or $1 each
  • lotions and scrubs– on hand or $1 each
  • towels– on hand
  • cucmbers
  • DIY Bath Salts Bar

The secret to a fantastic spa party using dollar store stuff is in the presentation! I created a few stations around the house and on the back deck. This way the ladies wouldn’t be too crowded in one area trying to do the same thing all at once.

 Manicure Station:

I put all my nail polishes into a large apothecary jar. It was such a beautiful presentation! The ladies could look through and find which color they preferred and easily grab it out of the jar. I covered the kitchen table with a plastic table cloth just in case any polish or remover was spilled. I arranged manicure kits, polish remover, cotton balls and lotion on silver trays around the table. I lit a long row of tea light candles to add to the ambiance.

 Pedicure Station:

I set up the pedicure station outside so that any water sloshing out of the foot soak tubs wouldn’t make a mess, and it’d be easy to dump the water out between each person. I somehow completely forgot to take a picture of the foot soaking station! I had two chairs set up each with a soaking tub with hot water. Between the two chairs was a basket of rolled towels. On the large table by the soaking station was another silver tray with polish remover, cotton pads, foot scrub, lotion, bath salts and pedicure kits. I also included a few jars filled with cold water and lemon or lime slices and cups. I also scattered tea light candles, and wrote on an empty picture frame with chalkboard markers “Soak your feet and relax!”

 Relaxation Station:

In another part of the deck I put a tray of cold cucumber slices with a sign reading “To snack on or soothe your beautiful eyes.” I included a few pillows so the ladies could recline a bit while using the cucumber slices. I added a few candles to the table.

 DIY Bath Salts Bar Station:

Click here for all the details on the bath salts bar

All the ladies were asked to bring a snack to share, and all the snacks were set up in the kitchen. I also had more jars of lemon/lime water with the snacks. The night went really smoothly, ladies rotating at their own pace between the stations. I had been a bit nervous that I hadn’t purchased enough supplies, but even with over 20 ladies there was more than enough and, because the ladies know each other, no one minded sharing things like clippers and nail files (which you could never get away with in an actual spa). The relaxing and girly atmosphere was perfect for lots of relaxed conversation! We had a great time together!

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6 Responses to Host an At Home Spa Party

  1. This looks awesome! Maybe I’ll “slurge” $5 and make a spa party for one with dollar store items!! 🙂

  2. What a fun party and great idea!

  3. Monica Spears says:

    Great ideas for my daighter’s Sweet 16 beauty day with her friends.

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  5. moryo dis says:

    who did the pedicure and manicure for the ladies? did they do it themself or the host. I am planning a spa theme bridal shower.

    • Breanna says:

      as I was planning the party I assumed the ladies would do their own manicures and pedicures, but what ended up happening was that several of the ladies selflessly volunteered to serve the other ladies and do their pedicures! It was so sweet! I’m fairly certain everyone did their own manicures.

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