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Kids Craft Tutorial: Make an Upcycled Neon Vase with AstroBrights®

This post brought to you by Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper. All opinions are 100% mine.

kids craft: upcycled neon vase

Want a way to entertain your kids AND use recyclables at the same time? Look no further than this fun kids’ craft idea: Upcycled Neon Vases.Use recycled glass jars, recycled paper, junk mail, or old scraps of wrapping paper to create one of a kind vases. We recycled some Astrobrights paper to add lots of fun neon color to this project.

My kids love to craft with me, and they love anything that involves craft tools. They are especially fond of paper punches! (Moms of boys, want to get your sons interested in crafting with you? Break out the tools!) This craft was done in two phases: phase one, punch out paper; phase two, decoupage paper to recycled jars.

The key to the neon in this project is our recycled AstroBrights paper. I love the neon brightness with the random black letters and lines on the recycled paper. I also added a few punched-out images from some paper in my craft stash.

Neon is so hot right now, and using AstroBrights is a great way to bring some neon into your paper crafting, home office, or school projects. And nothing is neon like this paper is! AstroBrights Papers come in 23 bright colors, so you will find every bright shade you can imagine.

Project Materials:

  • Assorted recycled papers, on hand
  • Recycled jars or bottles, on hand
  • Glue or decoupage medium (we used Wash Out Mod Podge)
  • Decorative paper punches
  • Foam paint brushes
  • A small bowl
  • Something to protect your table surface with

little hands punching paper

Part 1: Punching out Paper

Set up: Set up your space: put out a bowl to collect punched paper in. Provide several different papers for kids to punch with decorative paper punches. Recycled junk mail, card stock, old scrapbooking paper. We used recycled printed Astrobrights and some leftover scrapbooking paper.

Punches: You can find punches at any craft supply store, and even at the dollar store. The most useful punches in my collection are the round punches, and the round scalloped punches. Any punch will do for this project. If you don’t have punches, you can just random shapes or pictures out with safety scissors.

Paper: Some papers are not easy to use with punches. Tissue paper does not usually work well. If your punches are dull, try to sharpen them by punching through aluminum foil a few times.

If your kids are very small, this will be all you will do on day one! If your kids are older, they will be able to handle the next step after they are done punching.

Part 2: Glue Paper to Jar

Setup: Cover work surface with newspapers or a vinyl tablecloth. Pour a little bit of decoupage medium into a small bowl. Provide a foam brush and their bowl of punched papers to each child.

Just stick it! This part is pretty basic: brush decoupage medium on your paper, then stick it to the jar. Then brush decoupage medium over the paper once it’s on the jar. When it dries, it will be clear, and the paper will be protected.

Let it dry for a few hours.

Note: The vases are NOT machine washable.

Fill it: With your favorite flower, wildflower, or leaves.

upcycled neon vase

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5 Responses to Kids Craft Tutorial: Make an Upcycled Neon Vase with AstroBrights®

  1. Love simple, fun and bright ideas!

  2. Jenny Rohrs says:

    Nice way to use up that junk mail- and I love how the bright colors POP!

  3. This is super cute!! : )I’m so in love with the bright colored papers!

  4. Amy* says:

    I love the mod, pop-art feel your project has. The black and white images against the Astrobright paper is such a cool look. Thanks for the tip about boys and tools. I can’t get my little man to pick up a paint brush but maybe I can get him to turn the crank on the sizzix machine 🙂

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