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Pinterest Picks: Ridiculously Awesome Costumes Edition

Maybe it’s a tad bit early to be thinking about Halloween costumes? We all know I’m terrible about planning ahead for holidays! But I’ve been seeing some super rad costumes around Pinterest lately that I just had to share with you!


Your kids probably won’t understand it, which makes it that much funnier! This one would be so simple and cheap to put together. via


I think I’ll beg my mister to play along this year, because this costume combo makes me absolutely giddy. via Keiko Lynn


If you’re as in love with the Mary Poppins costumes as I am and want to involve your little fella, this Bert costume is perfect! via Make It Love It


I can’t tell you exactly where to get the masks (they suggest searching Ebay for “cosplay”), but these Mr. Fox costumes ARE fantastic…you’d win every prize at the party for sure! via Burda Style


If you’re the type to dress up the dog, you pretty much *have* to try this one! So funny! via The Inquisitr


Does your husband go the extra mile? This adorable “trading places” costume duo is so sweet, and so fun! via


So fun, so silly, so smart!! via My Sisters Cucina


One Oompa is great, but twin Oompas are twice as nice! via Dianne Fields

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