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Tutorial: Make a Toddler-Sized Moby Wrap

DIY Toddler Moby Wrap

by Erika Tindall

As I was shopping through some online toy stores for the upcoming birthdays of my four children, I ran across a kid’s size Moby wrap and it was super cute. Basically anything made tiny is super cute. So I set off to recreate this tiny Moby-style wrap and found it easier than I thought. A men’s t-shirt, a few cuts and one stitch length and it was done, ready to wear in ten minutes.


  • Men’s XL t-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

Finished Size: About 8” wide by 2.5 yards long

moby wrap, step 1


1. Lay out the men’s extra large t-shirt on your cutting surface and cut off the bottom hem, I really like this mat with all of the measurement lines. (For me the easiest way was to fold the shirt in half, line up a straight edge and cut with a rotary cutter.)

moby wrap step 2


2. Keeping your shirt folded in half, line up the straight edge right under the armpit and make another cut straight across.

3. Now you should have a box. Measure the length of your box and divide it in half. My box was 15” long so at the 7.5” mark I made another cut.

moby wrap, step 3


4. Open up your shirt pieces, you now have two long rectangular tubes. Cut each end of the tube to open it up, which will double your length.

5. Pin together your long rectangles at one end, right sides together.

6. Sew ½” seam, connecting the two pieces together and it’s ready to wear. (you could stop here but if you like a bit more of a finished look see step 7)

moby wrap step 7

7. Optional: Open up the seam, laying each side flat and sew each side down close to the edge, about an 1/8”.

toddler moby wrap

I used this tutorial for tying the wrap:
How to Tie a Moby Wrap

moby wrap back

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2 Responses to Tutorial: Make a Toddler-Sized Moby Wrap

  1. Kathy V. says:

    great job Erika!

  2. Lyla says:

    this is so awesome! I just made a moby wrap and have extra fabric (that I can’t make another wrap with because I’m a goof) so I want to use it for a toddler moby wrap like this. What is the actual demensions of the wrap? Thanks in advance.

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