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Fall Inspiration: DIY Fall Plant Projects

This post brought to you by Scotts Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

pretty leaf pressings

Fall is my favorite season, and while I love hanging out in the great outdoors and enjoying the changing colors, I eventually have to go inside! How do I Find beauty in the Fall when I’m not outside? Bringing some of the Fall inside so I can enjoy it throughout the season. Here are some great ideas I’ve found for bringing Autumn inside:

The top image is a Pressed Leaves project from You can make a single pressed glass picture by buying two dollar store frames, then taking the glass out of one of them and using it for the backing of the first frame. Place your favorite pressed leaf in between the two glass panes.

Tea Tin Windowsill Garden

twinings tin windowsill planter

This charming Twinings tin windowsill garden (from The Lark) is just a simple indoor reminder of the outdoors. Find tins like these at the thrift store or flea market, or just start buying tea and drinking it so you can upcycle the tins. Yay for warm drinks and cooler weather!

To turn tins into planters, just drill a couple holes in the bottom of the tin, then follow the potting directions below.

Frame Your Potted Plants

framed plant

How about just leaning a distressed dollar store frame up against the wall and placing a small potted plant behind it? Great way to add distinction to a humble planter in just a minute. (This image from Decomyplace).

To make: Find a frame at your local dollar store or thrift store, then add a light coat of white acrylic paint. When the paint is dry, scrape gently with steel wool or sand paper to add distressing. You can also rub the frame with brown paint or distress ink to add more of an aged feel.

Lean the frame against the wall, and place a small potted plant behind it. A row of three or more of these would be cute!

Fall Potted Plants

fall potted plants

Amy made these cheerful fall planters over at Mod Podge Rocks. You just need some scrapbooking paper, acrylic paint, mod podge, and buttons, and you are ready to bring some pretty fall blooms inside.

How to pot plants (courtesy of MiracleGro):

MiracleGro Logo(1).jpg

I found instructions for this simple potting project on the Fall gardening page at Fall plant and feed.

Project Materials:

To Pot Plants:

1. Scoop potting mix into the pot about 1/3 full.

2. Put seedlings or plants into to pot, and fill in extra space with additional potting mix.

3. Give the pot a good watering using the LiquaFeed feeding system.


I have a bag of Miracle-Gro Potting mix I use, and I love that I don’t have to add anything extra to it to make it a great environment for my potted plants to grow in. It’s ideal for all kinds of container or potted plants, and feeds plants for up to 6 months with Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Food. It doesn’t need any additional amendments because it’s already made with rich, organic materials help that improve drainage and air flow.

Find more inspiration and tips for Fall planting at the Miracle-Gro Facebook page.


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