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Easy Kids Craft: Goofy Foam Glasses

 Firstly, could those girls be any cuter?!?! None of them belong to me, but I often tell their mom I’d gladly take a few of them home with me. So, to earn some extra credit with these little cuties, I showed up at their house with a box filled with kids craft supplies from Michael’s Creatology line. I spread it all out on their kitchen table and let them play…and play they did, for several hours!

We started with an idea I had to make goofy glasses. Once those were done, the girls’ imaginations were in full swing and they proceeded to make all sorts of fun crafts with the foam craft goodies I brought!

 Goofy Glasses Supplies:

  • clear lens glasses- on hand or from the dollar store
  • Foamies Party Platter by Darice- available exclusively at Michaels
  • Creatology foam glue, embellishments and glitter glue- available exclusively at Michaels
  • glue dots/adhesive roller- on hand
  • scissors

 Set up was simple: a large piece of paper for each girl to work on, and the Foamies Party Platter and other embellishments in the middle of the table to share. The party platters are ideal for group crafting as they have over 600 pieces each, including foam shapes and stickers, sequin shapes and rhinestones. Just add adhesive and let the kids create whatever they’d like!

 First the girls picked out the foam shapes they wanted to use as the base of their goofy glasses.

Then I used glue dots to attach the layers to each other, and cut a hole in the center of the foam layers large enough for the girls to see through.

Once the base of the goofy glasses was ready, the girls got to decorating! They used the full range of embellishments from the Foamies Party Platter, as well as a few extra goodies I found from the Creatology line (which is shockingly extensive!) The girls had so much fun creating their own glasses!


We had to wait just a bit for the glitter glue to dry (these girls LOVE glitter!). Once dry, I used the glue dots to attach the foam frames to the glasses. These glue dots are SUPER strong, more than sufficient to hold them to the plastic frames! The girls even used some of the stickers and rhinestones to decorate the sides of the glasses- so cute! Then we headed outside for a photo shoot.

 Then it was back inside, because the girls were FULL of ideas of other things to make with the Foamies/Creatology supplies!

 The younger girls made a spinning game using some string and foam shapes. They also decorated some pieces for use as bookmarks and refrigerator magnets. One of the older girls layered foam pieces and had her mom sew them together. She wrote “I love you because…” on the first page and filled the rest of the pages with reasons she loves her grandma (it was grandma’s birthday!) The other older girl created a Christmas tree ornament as a birthday gift for grandma. When I left several hours later the girls were STILL creating!

If you’ve got a sleepover, church playgroup or sports team gathering coming up, head over to Michaels and grab a Foamies Party Platter and other kids craft goodies and let their imaginations take over. It’s pretty impressive what kids can come up with when faced with a table full of supplies and no rules!

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(This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Darice and The Blueprint Social, but everything I said was my idea!)
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2 Responses to Easy Kids Craft: Goofy Foam Glasses

  1. Amanda says:

    So cute, and what a fun group craft! Great for Brownies or Girl Scouts 🙂

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