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How to Make an Animal Ears Headband

How to make an animal ears headband

Need to round out your handmade costume with some cool headgear? We have some instructions for creating animal ears headbands for less than a quarter. And this project will only take you about one minute to complete!

My four year-old son is dressing as a Panda for Halloween, and we made his costume with a $1 t-shirt and duct tape. We made panda ears with a dollar store headband and duct tape, and they are so easy! This technique would also work for other types of ears or headgear — cat ears, for example. I guess we’re obsessed with animal ears this week — I just posted a tutorial for adding ears to hoodies yesterday!

Project Materials:

  • Headband (8 for $1 at dollar store)
  • Two pieces of black duct tape, on hand
  • Scissors

To Make:

how to make a duct tape panda headband


1. Cut two pieces of duct tape about 4 inches long.

2. Fold each piece over the headband so it is sticking to itself (kind of like a tag).

How to make an animal ears headband

3. Trim to your desired shape.

panda costume

All done!

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