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Kids Craft: Reflective Trick-or-Treat Bags

 Call me a “helicopter mom” if you must, but I tend to be a bit preoccupied with safety, especially when it involves kids walking from house to house in the dark with cars driving all around. It makes me nervous, okay?  So I decided to up my Halloween safety game this year by making reflective trick-or-treat bags using foam craft supplies from Creatology (available exclusively at Michaels) and reflective tape. I gathered a group of kids together, put an assortment of Creatology supplies on the table and let them decorate their own bags in any way they wanted. The kids had so much fun, I got some much needed quality time chatting with their mom, and we can all rest easy knowing they’ll be easily visible on Halloween night!


  • Foamies Party Platter by Darice– available exclusively at Michaels
  • Creatology foam glue
  • Creatology foam paints
  • Creatology foam stickers and letters
  • glue dots (optional)
  • plain paper bag
  • reflective tape- available in the auto section of many stores
  • stapler

 This project is so easy, especially for the grownups! Simply put all the supplies (except the reflective tape and stapler) on the table and allow the kids to decorate their bags! It’s so fun to see each child’s personality and creativity come through! Party Platters come in a wide variety of themes/styles…something for everyone!

This is a perfect activity if you’ve got a group of kids with a wide variety of ages. My little crafty group had little kids and big kids, and everyone had fun with it! Every party platter contains over 600 pieces-plenty for oodles and oodles of decorated bags!


Once the kids have finished fancying up their bags, set them aside to dry. If they’ve used paint, you’ll want to leave the bags alone for several hours. Or, like I did, whip out your hair dryer and stand over the bags for an hour trying to speed up the process. It’s up to you.


Once the bags are dry…no seriously, not until they’re ALL THE WAY DRY…you can carefully peel off the handles from the bags. It’s not too tricky, but don’t go yanking them out or you may tear the outside of the bag. Next, unroll the length of reflective tape you’ll need to allow the trick-or-treat bags to be worn cross-body for each child. Staple the tape (backing paper still attached) to the sides of the bag. All done!

Now here’s the HARDEST part of this project: finding a place to hide the bags until Halloween so the kids don’t rip them up by pretend trick-or-treating every day between now and then. Cause, let’s be honest, that’s exactly what they’ll do if given the opportunity!

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