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“My Frankenstein” Halloween Craft

frankie and mrs. frankenstein kids craft

Looking for a cute and simple Halloween craftivity? My first grade son made these cute “My Frankenstein” crafts in class, featuring “Frankie” and Mrs. Frankenstein. This photo is from his teacher, Miss Pentecost, who gave me the go ahead to share with you. The idea came from A Cupcake for the Teacher – you can buy the activity along with writing prompts for just a few bucks, or visit her blog to see her version of the “My Frankenstein” craft.

Speaking of versions of the craft, my son enjoyed this activity so much that he came home and made his own version of Frankie:

lewis frankie doll

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3 Responses to “My Frankenstein” Halloween Craft

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  2. This is a great craft! Just posted on Craft Gossip!
    Happy Halloween:)

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