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Pinterest Picks

3 ring binders turned into a FABULOUS doll house! via Southern Disposition

I made this carrot coriander soup this week and it was so cozy and delicious- the whole family loved it! via BBC

Umm…I had NO IDEA I was supposed to do this! via Clean My Space

This is a no-brainer! Oven roasted potatoes with bacon and parmesan. The extra cooking step makes ALL the difference! My Adventures in the Country

I’m strongly considering this ombre style for my next hair appointment…thoughts? (I promise I tried to find the original source for this photo, but I couldn’t!)

Super simple and ever-so-adorable washi tape initial via SAS Interiors

I’m adding this to our Christmas shopping list! A remote for kids that you pre-program with their channels! And it’s under $10. Win. Amazon


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One Response to Pinterest Picks

  1. Launna says:

    ‘Ombre’ hair is just a fancy way to say you didnt get your roots colored on purpose. I say let your hair grow out and you will achieve the same look without spending a dime 😉

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