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Free Printable: Gratitude Journal

 “Gratitude…turns what we have into enough.” ~Melody Beattie

Kids get the gimmes…do you know what I mean? Always wanting something new, something different, something ELSE. It has been a challenge for me to teach my little lady to be content with what she has instead of always wanting MORE. It’s especially challenging because I struggle with it myself. “OOH! A new purse?! I mean, I have plenty of purses, but I don’t have THAT purse! I’d bet THAT purse would make all my clothes look cuter. And it’d make me look thinner. And people would love me if I had THAT purse!”

We could all benefit from a greater focus on gratitude! Just a little perspective on what’s going on in the world around us and we quickly realize how very blessed we are!

And so, in the spirit of counting our blessings…of naming them one by one…I present to you this simple and beautiful and FREE printable gratitude journal from Motherhood on a Dime. Whether you use this leading up to Thanksgiving or any time of year, you’ll likely find it helps you focus on the lovely bits of your life, and begin to lose sight of the smaller frustrations and annoyances.

{Free printable: gratitude journal}

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