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Free Printable! Manners Match Up Page

 I’ve recently found myself fighting the urge to say ridiculous things like “Kids these days!” and “When I was young…” I fight the urge because once you start saying things like that, it triggers the grey hairs to sprout forth from your head. I’m pretty sure that’s scientifically proven. Seriously, though, I’ve got a passion for preserving manners and gratitude and generally polite attitudes in my child. It often feels like a struggle against our culture to keep her from getting swept away into wanting MORE! MORE! MORE! and forgetting to show courtesy to the people around her.

This simple worksheet from Enchanted Yankee is a really lovely way to continue teaching my daughter good manners! I’ll be printing it out and using it during this holiday season to create some balance between all the letters to Santa and Christmas wish lists.

{Free printable: manners match-it-up worksheet}

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