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Make a Clothespin Menorah

clothespin menorah

FamilyFun Magazine has always been one of my favorite magazines, even from before I had kids. I have had a few craft projects featured in the magazine during the past couple years, and seeing my project in print just never gets old! This month, I had one of my first ever dollar store crafts appear in the pages: a Clothespin Menorah. I love this project because it allows toddlers to participate in “lighting” a menorah without actually getting near fire.

You can find instructions in the pages of this month’s FamilyFun, or find them on Dollar Store Crafts: Make a Toddler Menorah.

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One Response to Make a Clothespin Menorah

  1. Michelle L says:

    WoooOOt! Congrats on being in print, I love that project and it deserves all kinds of exposure!

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