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Make a Paper Bag Scarecrow

Sometimes, when people know you’ve got a kids’ craft blog, you receive requests to help with kids’ craft related things. And sometimes those requests are tricky. Try this one: “We need a kids’ craft project. For almost no money. That’s easy enough for 5 year olds to do on their own. And there are 33 kids. And it needs to be pretty quick and not too messy and Autumn/harvest themed. And we’ll need you to be the one to lead them in the craft.”

I love a good challenge.

So, what do you do when you’ve got lots of guidelines and no immediate ideas? Pinterest, of course! And that’s where I saw this idea over at Library Story Time and Craft, thought it was only a picture, no tutorial. I figured, since I was doing the project anyway, I’d make a little tutorial for you all, just in case you get any requests like this in the future! The project met every guideline I was given, and the kids LOVED it!


  • paper bags
  • googly eyes
  • crinkly paper “basket stuffing”
  • pink and orange paper
  • black markers/crayons
  • glue sticks
  • small circle and square paper punches (optional, but they make this project way easy!)
All items (except paper punches) are available at the dollar store. For a class of 33 kids this project was about $6 (they had glue sticks and markers on hand).


I let the kids decide on which side of the bag they wanted their scarecrow. About half the kids chose to do it on the flap side so the scarecrow could “talk.” The process is the same either way.


  1.  Precut paper shapes: Before our craft time I used my paper punches to cut 2 pink circles and one orange triangle nose per child. I made the triangles by punching orange squares, then cutting those in half diagonally.
  2. Place each child’s supplies at their seat. Having everything already sorted and placed for each child made the activity go smoothly. Each child received a small pile of crinkle paper, two googly eyes, one paper bag, two pink circles and one orange triangle along with their glue stick and marker.
  3. Direct kids to make the scarecrow from the top down. Start with the “hair,” instructing kids to put a layer of glue along the top of the bag and then smush the crinkled paper into the glue. No right or wrong way to do this. Next have the kids add the eyes, then the nose and finally the cheeks all using the glue stick. Now have kids draw the scarecrow’s mouth.
There’s no waiting time for anything to dry, the kids can play with their scarecrow puppets right away! It was super funny to see how differently they all turned out, considering I demonstrated one step at a time. We had a few Picasso scarecrows!
My little lady is like me, though, she loves following directions and having things turn out “properly.”

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