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Make a Popcorn & Bead Garland

popcorn and bead garland

This year, I am making some simple handmade decorations for my Christmas tree. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, our family had fun stringing popcorn garlands. I decided to bust into my stash and add some plastic beads to the garlands, and I love how they turned out! I love this pastel neon color scheme!

Be aware that the beads could pose a choking hazard if someone in your home is still small enough to try to eat the popcorn off the Christmas tree! If that’s the case, maybe substitute some Craisins for the beads to make the strand edible.

Popcorn and Bead Garland Project Materials:

Ages: 3 (with supervision) and up

  • Air-popped popcorn
  • Plastic beads (I used pony beads from “The Big 1 Lb Bag of Beads”)
  • Needle (I used large Crewel needles because they are not as sharp, and easier for little hands)
  • Thread
  • Scissors

This project was free because we used what we already had on hand. My three year-old son was able to string popcorn using a Crewel needle.

How to Make It:

1. Thread a 36″ piece of thread onto a needle. Leaving a 6″ tail, tie a bead to the end of the thread.

2. String popcorn and beads onto thread, alternating as desired.

3. When you have about 8″ left at the end, add a final bead, and tie string around the bead to finish the strand.

4. Repeat to make more strands, then tie them together to make a longer garland.

TIP: When threading popcorn onto the needle, go through the big, fluffy, round section of the popcorn, if possible. Try to avoid the kernel, as it is harder to pierce with a needle.


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