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Make a Rosemary Wreath

 Three years ago I made my first attempt at planting things. I’d call it gardening, except for the part where I rarely remembered to tend the garden. Mostly everything failed (shocker)…mostly. But here I am, three years later, with a sturdy rosemary bush that has never failed! I adore my rosemary plant! It requires no attention, survives our crazy rainy weather and looks lovely year round. Once in awhile I remember it’s there and I snip some fresh twigs to use in a recipe. Most often I snip off a twig or two and just hold it and inhale the glorious fragrance.

I am *so excited* about this gorgeous little rosemary wreath from Hi Sugar Plum! It’s such a great way to bring some fresh and vibrant color into your home during these dreary fall/winter months, and a simple project that creates awesome (and fragrant) results!

I’d imagine this lovely little wreath would also be a STUNNING addition to gifts used in place of a bow!

{Make a rosemary wreath}

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One Response to Make a Rosemary Wreath

  1. emily says:

    Wow, it turned out great! Love any good dollar store craft!


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