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Easy Gift: Cinnamon Honey Butter

cinnamon-honey-butter-by-Fieldstone-Hill-Design-dot-com-vertical_web Paula Deen and I may have vastly different opinions on food and nutrition (bless her heart), but there is one thing upon which we agree wholeheartedly….BUTTER. I love butter, and I make no apologies for using it regularly! (can I take this opportunity to make one tiny plea? PLEASE NEVER USE MARGARINE EVER AGAIN. Okay? Thanks!)

I’m sure you’ve already got a little drool going on from just reading the title of this post. You can already imagine the things you’d drench in this Cinnamon Honey Butter from A Southern Fairytale. Toast…waffles…baked apples…oh my! You can spread the love (see what I did there?) and make a large batch of this delicious butter to give as a hostess gift or to a foodie friend. Fancy up the jar a little and you’re well on your way to crossing several people off of your Christmas list in a most delicious way! (ADDED BONUS: there’s also a free printable recipe card to include with your gift!)

{Make cinnamon honey butter}

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